Homestead Tour Guide

I’ve got the 2014 Homestead Tour Guide uploaded.  I should have it available here in less than an hour (have to remember the magic incantations!).

I’ll have a few B&W copies and there will be some at Buckley’s Homestead Supply, 1501 W Colorado Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

Hope we see you this weekend.

Coop Janitor……

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Local Food Week – Homestead Tour 2014

Been a while since I’ve put any  thing on here……

The 2014 Homestead Tour will be during Local Food week again this year and it is coming up FAST. The dates are Saturday September 13 and Sunday September 14.

Monycka (No Goats – No Glory) is organizing it this year.  Most of the information will be available on the Colorado Springs Urban Homestead Meetup site. The plan is to have printed guides available at Buckley’s Homestead Supply, 1501 West Colorado and at the usual suspect 712 N Cedar St.   On line versions will be available. We will try to also have them on here by Friday evening.

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The Tour Starts Tomorrow!

Finally have the Tour Guide off to the printers.

This has been a hard year to get put together. Not sure what my problem is but thing were very slow.  I hope I got all the people included that wanted to be on the tour.

Here is a link to the Saturday Coops and here is one to the Sunday Coops. The links go to MapQuest and show the Coops that are open each day and the hours. The Tour Guide has been published.

Hope we see you this weekend.

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Guide and maps are all most done.

Trying to get thing off to be printed.  Should be up in an hour or two.

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Yes, it is still going to happen…

Not getting things done as fast as I need to for some reason… ChemoBrain? Nah been to long ago…

Any way, the Tour will be this weekend as planned and the Tour Guides will be available here on Friday for down load. If you would like a printed copy they will be available Saturday and Sunday at 712 N Cedar St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 and at Buckley’s Homestead Supply, 1501 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

Thanks for your interest.


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Last Call for Coops

LAST CALL for coops!

This is the last call for coops to be on the 2014 Take-A-Peak Coop Tour. If you or someone you know would like to have your Chicken Coop on this years tour, please let me know by Tuesday.

The requirements are simple.
   1. Be wiling to open your yard and coop to the public. You don’t have to let them into the coop unless you want to.
   2. Be willing to have the coop available for a minimum of four continuous hours. I try to block the times out in to four blocks – 9-1 Saturday, 1-5 Saturday, 9-1 Sunday and 1-5 Sunday. Minimum commitment is one four hour block. Max is how long you are willing to be open. (Time flies…..) Really need this for planing. I would also like to know if you are flexible.  I’d like to balance the number of coops each day and let those who would like to have a chance to visit other coops to do so.
   3. Name, Address, email and Phone number. Only the name and address go in to the tour guide.
   4. Several photos of your coop to put in the guide.
   5. A paragraph or two describing your coop, chickens, what ever you  want to say about things at your place.

That is about it. I’ll probably be asking for donations for printing later but they really are optional.

Leave a message here or email jpconner2 at gmail.comImage

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What, It’s time to get started already!

Ok folks.


This it the first call for coops to be on the Fifth Annual Take-A-Peek Chicken Coop Tour. The tour will be on May 17 and 18, 2014. If you have chickens, live in the Colorado Springs area and would like to have your coop on the tour let us know. We’re looking for help with organizing the tour as well. Leave a comment or send a message and we’ll get back to you.

John – Coop Janitor

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